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Blue Mountain Sports Labor Pricing

We do our best to provide you with top quality repair service.  Call us or bring your bike in.


Wipe down frame
Complete inspection of frame, bicycle
Tighten all nuts & bolts
Tighten cranks & chair rings
Wheels spot tuned & tensioned Hubs checked
Derailleur hanger checked & aligned
Check & adjust brakes Check & adjust gears
Check cables for wear and lubricate
Lubricate derailleurs Lubricate Chain Polish Test ride
Dirty Bike Charge if it's too dirty to work on $5.00


"RUSH" Charge "when you just can't wait" $20.00

Change Tire or tube $15.00 plus the cost of the tube
Tire Sealant / per tire $12.00
Suspension Service QUOTE

Drive train Overhaul - thoroughly clean
chain rings, cassette or freewheel, derailleurs, pulleys. $50.00

Hub Overhaul / per wheel * $55.00
Headset Overhaul * $50.00
Bottom Bracket Overhaul * $50.00
* - includes disassembly, cleaning, grease, re-pack, assembly & adjustment.

Brake / Gear Adjustment front or rear $20.00
Brake Service - lube system, clean, file & adjust pads, spot true $45.00
Brake / Derailleur Installation with setup $30.00

Fork Installation with brake setup $60.00
Stem or Handlebar installation $45.00
Install Cable brake / gear $20.00
True Wheel / per wheel $20-$80.00
Spoke Replacement - involves wheel truing $30.00
Computer Installation $30.00
Bar End Installation 20.00
Pack Bike for shipping - box included $50.00
Ship Bike QUOTE

Repairs are done on a first come first served basis. Often, parts need to be ordered and you have to wait until they come in.